Two Guys Walk into a Gym…

That’s how the story starts for CrossFit HD co-owners Sung Kong and Andre Urquiza. Together they both hold down full-time jobs while operating one of the nicest boxes in the Atlanta area. Learn how they do it in my latest CrossFit Journal story here.


One thought on “Two Guys Walk into a Gym…

  1. Chris,You have no idea how much I appreciate evyrnthieg you did for me in preparing for the Sectionals. Being that I only moved to Hermosa less than 4 months ago you and Forrest took more time helping and coaching me than I can ever imagine. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. You’re an awesome at coaching man, so keep up the good work! I’ll definitely be looking forward to coming to Denver to visit. I already have a trip semi-planned for late June haha to go visit a buddy of mine there (sorry Remy I beat you to it haha.) Again, I truly appreciate all your countless hours spent helping me and I’ll always consider you one of my great friends.

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